Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)


A woman kidnapped into modern slavery has told how she was forced to sleep with men who refused to wear a condom and hurt her.

Adela had an extremely tough childhood, she has a history of mental health issues and was disowned by her family as a teen while still living in her native Slovakia.

She began to experiment with drugs to ‘deal with the cold’, she soon got addicted and the substance abuse exaserbated her episodes of psychosis.

During her time on the streets, Adela met a young man at a house party who said that her quality of life would be much better if she went to the UK because he would take care of her. He paid for her travel and they flew to London.

When she arrived in the UK, Adela was sold to a man who kept her captive and forced her to have sex with multiple men up to six times a day for weeks at a time.

Speaking from a safe-house, Adela told ‘I was forced to be with men who I didn’t know. They didn’t use a condom and they hurt me. I was scared.’

She added: ‘All my life many people rejected me and did not believe me.’

While held against her will as a sex slave, Adela’s mental health deteriorated to such an extent that her ‘owner’ threw her out of the basement.

She was found wandering the streets, extremely distressed and visibly unwell, by a concerned member of the public who called the police.

Adela was admitted to psychiatric hospital and as she began to tell her story she was entered into the national referral mechanism.

After 7 months Adela was discharged to an women’s anti-trafficking emergency refuge, run by Unseen.

Adela told Metro: ‘When I came to Unseen, I was accepted, trusted and understood.

‘I now feel like I have a family, which is the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

‘I don’t know what is going to happen in the future for me but I have been given hope.’

Sadly, Adela’s horrific ordeal is not an anomaly. There is an estimated 40,3 million people trapped in forms of modern slavery and it’s believed that only 1% are ever freed.

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