Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)

A coordinated operation from the Australian Federal Police, Border Force and NSW Police that targeted purchasers of child-like sex dolls has resulted in three men being arrested.

On Thursday, the investigative teams executed search warrants at two homes - one in the Grafton area on the state's mid-north coast, and one north of Sydney.

A 62-year-old Grafton region man was arrested at his home, accused of importing a child-like sex doll from China. Police will allege in court they found two dolls dressed in children’s clothing, as well other children’s clothing items at the property.

Later that day, a 42-year-old was also at his Turramurra home, after investigators allegedly found a sex doll designed to look like a young child imported from Japan. They also found a second doll inside the property.

On Friday morning, a 37-year-old Grafton man was arrested and charged with possessing a child-like doll, importing prohibited goods without approval, and possessing child abuse material.

"These arrests highlight the work the AFP is doing with our partners to stamp out any form of child exploitation," AFP Assistant Commissioner Lesa Gale said.

Each man faces a potential 15 years jail if convicted of possessing one of the dolls. (Credit:Australian Federal Police)

"These dolls sexualise children, they are not harmless and do not prevent people from offending in the future."

Danielle Yannopoulos, the Australian Border Force regional commander for NSW, said the dolls have no place in Australian society.

"The ABF is committed to detecting these dolls at the border and investigating and prosecuting those who seek to import this sickening material into our community," she said.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said these arrests sent a clear message.

"Anyone who chooses to sexualise children in any form should know that the NSW Police Force, along with our law enforcement partners, will do everything in our power to put you before the courts," he said.

Each man faces a potential 15 years jail if convicted of possessing one of the dolls, under a new Commonwealth offence introduced in September 2019 to combat child abuse-related offences.

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