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Phones may not have been around when we were kids, but they are now and they’re here to stay. And texting has become the only way to talk. There might be an occasional phone call or two, but this generation uses acronyms and emojis like the ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics.

No matter how hip or in the know parents may think they are, there’s always the latest slang term waiting to be discovered. Sure you know what LOL means, but what about GNOC?


And that’s just one of many acronyms that child predators use to communicate with our kids. So we decided to compile a list of 30 common internet acronyms that all parents need to know.
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8          Oral Sex

99        Parent Gone

142      or 459 I love you

182      I hate you

1174    Nude Club

ASL       Age/Sex/location

CD9      Code 9- it means parents are around

FYEO     For your eyes only

GNOC   Get Naked on camera

GYPO    Get your pants off

HAK      Hugs and kisses

IWSN    I want sex now

J/O       Jerking off

KFY       Kiss for you

KPC      Keeping parents clueless

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MIRL    Meet in real life

MOS     Mom over shoulder

NIFOC   Nude in front of computer

NSFW   Not safe for work

P911    Parent alert

PAW     Parents are watching

PAL      Parents are listening

PIR       Parent in room

POS      Parent over shoulder

PRON   Porn

RUMORF  Are you Male or female?

RUH     Are you horny?

SWAK   Sealed with a kiss

TDTM   Talk dirty to me

WTTP   Want to trade pictures?

You can download these acronyms as a free printable here. 

It’s also important to note that kids may be texting on apps like KIK and WhatsApp that aren’t easily trackable.  Make sure to have open conversations with your children about what rules you want to set, and clearly let them know that you will check their phone and all the apps that they use.

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