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Johannes Oelofse
Johannes Oelofse has been sentenced to life behind bars for making his mentally challenged stepdaughter a sex save for eight years. Picture: Supplied

Johannesburg - A mother's relief was palpable when a judge sentenced her estranged husband to life behind bars for making her mentally challenged daughter a sex slave for eight years.

On Thursday at the South Gauteng High Court, Judge Francois Du Plessis called Johannes Oelofse’s deeds "heinous" and "repulsive" as he slapped him with an additional 16 years for the gruesome acts he perpetrated on Dominique Monaghan.

Dominique, 23, has been clinically diagnosed with the cognitive abilities of a 6-year-old girl. Her biological parents, Theresa and Glen, gave The Star written permission to publish their daughter's name and picture.

Oelofse was convicted in May of five grotesque sex crimes including rape, sexual assault, sexually grooming a person who is mentally challenged, exposure or displaying child pornography or pornography to a mentally challenged person, and compelling Dominique to watch him masturbate.

Some of the shocking acts he perpetrated on the vulnerable victim include forcing her to shave her vagina and committing lewd sexual acts on her from when she was 13. 

Judge Du Plessis explained the damages suffered by Dominique due to the brutal sexual assault she had to endure, including debilitating nightmares, which was highlighted in an expert report compiled by clinical psychologist, Dr Belinda De Villiers. 

"It is (unchallenged) that the complaint (Dominique) is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of (the sexual abuse). 

"Her epileptic seizures have escalated to an extent that she is unable to function (well)," Judge Du Plessis said. 

"She sleeps with her light on and sleeps in between her dogs to feel safe," the judge added. 

An emotional Theresa, Dominique’s mother, expressed relief at the sentence but said this ordeal had scarred her daughter terribly. 

"It doesn't matter what happens to him - it will never undo what he did (to Dominique). My daughter will most probably bear these scars for life," Theresa said.

"But we serve a mighty God and I know that He will touch her and help her cope with all these things," the mother added.

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