Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)

Sarah Forsyth, now 42, said she was forced to have sex with 20 men a night after she was snatched at gunpoint in the city's Red Light District

A BRIT nurse who was forced into sex slavery at 19 has told how she saw a girl get murdered after being kidnapped at gunpoint in Amsterdam

In an emotive interview on the Cook report, Sarah Forsyth, now 42, said she was forced to have sex with 20 men a night in the city's Red Light District.

sarah forsyth
Sarah Forsyth, now 42, says she was forced to have sex with 20 men a night in Amsterdam's Red Light District

And in one harrowing, hellish encounter she claims she saw evil pimps execute a young Thai girl who had also been trafficked.

Sarah says “Her face just exploded. I stood and I watched as the bullet literally took half her head off her shoulders."

“And then, just as the noise ­registered in my ears, she dropped to the floor beside my feet."

She added: "Then I saw the little red lights on the cameras and heard the soft grinding of the tapes and I realised her killing was being filmed."

getty red light
She travelled from Gateshead, Tyneside to Amsterdam after applying for a job as a nursery nurse but was held at gunpoint and kidnapped

Sarah says the scene haunts her nightmares.

She is one of thousands of British women forced into sex slavery, and has blown the lid off the seedy vice world in her new memoir Slave Girl.

Other horrific stories from her 1990s captivity include seeing the severed head of a rival pimp and being forced to play Russian Roulette.

Sarah travelled to Amsterdam after seeing a newspaper ad for a  qualified nursery nurse in the city.

But she had been duped by career criminal John Reece who met her at Schipol Airport, stole her passport and held a gun to her mouth.

Sarah says: "John told me if I made one wrong move I’d be dead."

She was working the brothel within weeks, where she said the girls survived on a handful of M&Ms a day.

The pimps also fed her crack cocaine until she had a crippling addiction.

slave girl
Sarah has now told her story in a new shocking memoir

Sarah recalled: “Once I experienced the utter oblivion of crack I became its helpless slave.”

She escaped in 1997 after being approached by Dutch vice cops.

It set up a heartbreaking reunion with her devastated mum in Gateshead.

Sarah said: "I just wanted my mum, and to stay like that for ever. The pair of us cried and cried.”

She gave evidence against the trafficking gang, with five pleading guilty to abusing and enslaving her.

John Reece was found guilty of two counts of causing prostitution and was caged for two years.

Sarah adds: "“I got away. Unlike the thousands of women trapped in sexual slavery today – bought and sold like cattle by truly evil men, then abused and ­re-abused by the normal ones who love their children and caress their wives. I got away.”

Slave Girl by Sarah Forsyth – John Blake Publishing

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