Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)

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A CASE in which two people are jointly facing 32 counts of organised crime, child trafficking and rape in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court has been transferred to the Windhoek High Court after a decision by prosecutor general Martha Imalwa for a pre trial appearance on 14 February next year.

Imalwa's decision was issued on Tuesday.

Russian national Alexander Krylof (57) and his alleged Namibian accomplice, Anna Engelbrecht (28), were granted bail of N$40 000 and N$4 000, respectively, a year ago.

The charges include child trafficking under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, and rape of a child, alternatively committing or attempting to commit a sexual act with a child.

Krylof is accused of allegedly taking under-aged girls to his flat, and raping them. The accused said he had not known that the girls were minors, and secondly that he never forced anyone to go to his residence, or to have sex with him. It was allegedly all done voluntarily, and was business which included threesomes and foursomes for which the girls would get paid N$100 each per sexual encounter.

Krylof allegedly turned to sex workers after several failed relationships, including a failed marriage.

He said Engelbrecht, whom he knew for a few years already, allegedly recruited the girls who wanted to have sex for money.

He told the court during his bail application that he only learned that some of the 'ladies' were underage through the media.

“All the ladies had well-developed bodies. They did not look under-age, and all were well-experienced at sex. I never forced anyone,” he submitted. “Some are allegedly under age prostitutes, according to other people in town who told me that these girls were known (for prostitution).”

Krylof claimed he was also being blackmailed – that one of the girls texted him and said if he did not pay N$200, she would tell her mother to go ahead with the case.

Last month, South African Marthinus Pretorius (47), who was extradited to Namibia in December last year, was found guilty in the Windhoek High Court of six rape charges of two teenage girls at Swakopmund during 2012.

His co-accused, Johanna Lukas, recruited the girls and brought them to his house. She was imprisoned for 13 years in August 2015 after being convicted on five charges of trafficking in persons, which is a crime in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act, and five counts of rape.

In August, three people facing charges of organised crime, human trafficking and rape were granted bail at Walvis Bay.

Pakistani national Farhan Khatri (29) was granted bail of N$20 000, and his two Namibian co-accused, Jaezuruka 'Beverly' Kamongua (27) and Melody Ortner (24), got bail of N$5 000 each.

The three accused were arrested at Walvis Bay after it came to light that they were allegedly exploiting a 16-year-old girl for sex.

Investigation documents show that the alleged crimes took place between May and July this year, during which Kamongua and Ortner allegedly unlawfully and intentionally recruited the minor for sexual exploitation by Khatri. Their matter was postponed to next year to allow for further investigations.

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