Bringing Light to the Darkness of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Persons)

  • A disabled teenager in a residential unit was allegedly sold to sex predators
  • It is alleged the other girl, 17, drove her to secluded meeting points with men
  • The teenager was given cash for making the girl have sex with them, it is claimed
  • The accusations comes as Australia fights a startling rise in child exploitation


Sickening allegations of a disabled girl under state care being sold to sex predators by another teenager are being investigated by police.

The victim was allegedly targeted by the 17-year-old while she was living in a high-risk residential unit in Melbourne's northern suburbs and driven to secluded meetings with men - some of whom were aged in their 40s.

The other teenager was allegedly then given cash for letting the men have sex with the girl - who has not been named to protect her identity.

The accused has been interviewed but released by police as investigations continue.

Victoria Police told The Herald Sun specialist detectives from the Fawkner sexual offences and child abuse investigation team were looking into the claims.

Police said it would be inappropriate to comment further on the investigation.

Speaking to the newspaper, Australian Childhood Foundation CEO Joe Tucci said society needed to better protect its most vulnerable young people.

He said: 'Were concerned about the level of exploitation kids in residential care are exposed to.

'It's unbelievable these kids have had to be taken away from their families to protect them and have been preyed upon.'

The claims come as Australian authorities fight to stem the tide of child sexual exploitation.

The Department of Health and Human Services issued a record 135 notices to 110 people between January and March of this year ordering them to stay away from children.

In a shocking report released last year by Anti-Slavery Australia, it was revealed seven new victims of child exploitation were being identified each day.

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